Chartering of White lady (crew incl) :

The price for one day, crew and breakfast included is 1.000€ .

Fuel included for 2 till 3 hours sailing each day.

And Cleaning service at the end of your trip.

Our experience  tells us that 2 till 3 hours sailing a day, is the ideal balans between cruising the waters and relaxing at one of the many beautiful places .

Without getting to monotonously so you can enjoy your stay to the fullest .

If you have a late afternoon flight or evening flight we will not charge you the price of a full day but 50,00€ for each person .

Each evening you have the possibility to have dinner in one of the restaurants of the bay's or cities.

But also you can have a lovely BBQ on our upper deck.

We will send you a list in advance to ask about the food, beverage's & alchohol  you wish aboard during your trip.

This List will be billed at cost price.


When you will arrive aboard all stuff will be ready & loaded,

and drinks will be cold .  


Combination : White lady and Uzumlu Rock House :

We love to give you the best of both worlds a combination of  chartering with White Lady and staying in our Üzümlü Rock House.

The days chartering with White Lady and crew will be charged at 1.000€ each day with a minimum stay of 3 days and Üzümlü Rock House at 240€ each day 





 We also rent our yacht without leaving the harbor just like when you would rent an apartment, but just slightly different.

Basic price 300€ each night for the complete yacht.

With a min stay of 2 nights 


Levent Rock House :

Our Üzümlü guest house is available for weekly rent. 

1.440 € per week

   240 € each day

With a minimum stay of one week .

Electric not included.



Phone/Whatsapp  :   (English/Dutch   +90 533 096 75 55           (Turkish)  +90 535 043 05 50

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